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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Who should you vote for in the Clarkston Schools school board election?

Support for Rosalie Lieblang and Dr. Donald Deering for Clarkston School Board

I would like to publicly support current school board president, Rosalie Lieblang and candidate, Dr. Donald Deering for the Clarkston school board election in November.  During Rosalie Lieblang’s leadership, the school board has been able to, not only remain solvent during the drop in school funding from the state, but to rebuild the district’s cash reserves.  This has prevented the district’s credit rating from being lowered and kept the district from being considered ‘distressed’ by the state.  All of the remaining candidates were the ringleaders for the failed school bond request in 2012.  I believe that if the 2012 bond had passed, it would have bankrupted the school district with the extra expenses related to the bond that would not have been covered by the bond. 

Please show the district that you support fiscal responsibility by voting for Rosalie Lieblang and Dr. Donald Deering for the Clarkston Community School Board (only those two).

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  1. Unfortunately, neither Rosalie Lieblang nor Dr. Donald Deering were reelected/elected and Kelli Horst was elected. In my opinion, now that the "Dr. Rock School Board Fan Club" (Steve Hyer, Cheryl McGinnis, Elizabeth Egan, and now Kelli Horst) are in place, Dr. Rock, with the help of his 'fan club', will be able to implement whatever they want. God help the school district.