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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rosalie Lieblang - League of Women Voters statement

      Rosalie Lieblang's League of Women Voters statement         Fall 2014

"Question 1 (150 Words or less)
Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for School Board and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position that you are running for.

I am seeking my second term as School Board Trustee because I value education for all students and value Clarkston’s reputation as a premier district within Oakland County and the State. I am a Michigan School Board Association certified board member and take annual classes to ensure I stay current on District/Board - related issues and changes. I hold a BSA (Information Technology) from U of Michigan and have 25+ years of work experience, including 15 years in upper management. I have served on the CCS Board as President, Secretary, Treasurer, and on the Finance, Policy and Reinstatement Committees. I have also served as BLE PTA President, Treasurer for the Clarkston PTA Council, a mentor at both, SMS and CJHS, Treasurer for the Clarkston Optimists and a volunteer at many school and community events. I am married with two daughters who currently attend Clarkston Schools and have lived here for 17+ years.

Question 2 (150 Words or less)
What are the top three (3) Priority Issues facing your school district and what actions would you take to address them if elected to the school board?

Student Achievement.
Achievement and growth for students is what it’s all about!  During my term, I have focused on collaborating on a Strategic Plan where Student Achievement is a cornerstone. We are progressing in evaluating our programs and performance against internal and external measures to ensure students reach their potential and are prepared for the next phase in their life, whatever they dream it to be!

Clarkston is one of the lowest funded districts in Oakland County, making it challenging to address all needs as we would like. We should continue to be fiscally responsible, fund our educational priorities and look for alternative/additional funding such as our Shared Services Program which has provided an additional $1M for Clarkston Schools.

Class Size
Studies show lower class sizes have a significant, positive impact on student achievement. Let’s have our teachers teach in an environment that has proven to increase achievement!"

I support Rosalie Lieblang and Dr. Donald Deering for Clarkston Community School Board election, November 2014

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