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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dr. Donald Deering's League of Women Voters statement     Fall 2014

Question 1 (150 Words or less)
Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for School Board and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position that you are running for.

Dr. Donald Deering was born on August 16,1974 and raised in Southeast Michigan by a single working mother.  During his childhood, education and work ethic were emphasized as an important ingredient to success. Dr. Deering moved to Clarkston 4 years ago with his wife Dr. Sandra Deering (doctoral prepared nurse practitioner) and two boys, Andrew 7 and Ethan 6, both of whom attend Bailey Lake Elementary (BLE).  Dr. Deering is choosing to run for the Clarkston School Board in an effort to be more active in the decisions that will impact his children and the children of his community for years to come. As an educator himself, he is well equipped to understand the dynamics involved in making these decisions.  Dr. Deering is trained as a professional counselor and psychologist. He is logical, compassionate and results oriented. More information on Dr. Deering’s qualifications are available at:

Question 2 (150 Words or less)
What are the top three (3) Priority Issues facing your school district and what actions would you take to address them if elected to the school board?

As is the case for most school districts, careful consideration of the factors that result in solvency and sustainability are paramount. This is often an emotionally charged issue because the resources available to meet everyone’s needs and wants are almost always lacking. Collaborative communication, prioritized problem solving and timely results are the key to achieving success in this area.

Another issue that faces most school districts is updating, implementing and/or maintaining technology that demonstrate proven desirable outcomes. This also requires a collaborative effort due to the complexities and costs associated with such a complicated task.

Finally, people are at the core of all success achieved in our society. To that end, administrators, educators, parents and students alike are equally responsible to govern themselves accordingly toward achieving that success. As a result, fair and objective evaluation should lead to results oriented remuneration within the parameters of available resources.

I support Dr. Donald Deering and Rosalie Lieblang for Clarkston Community School Board election, November 2014

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