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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dr. Donald Deering, candidate for Clarkston Community Schools School Board

Clarkston PTA Council's Question: "Why do you support our school district's vision and direction?"
In an effort to best provide an overall answer to this question, I have prepared the following information about myself and my thoughts on this matter.

Dr. Deering is running for the Clarkston School Board to be more active in the decisions that will impact his children and the children of his community for years to come. As an educator himself, he is well equipped to understand the dynamics involved in making these decisions.

Careful consideration of the factors that result in solvency and sustainability are paramount. This is often an emotionally charged issue because the resources available to meet everyone’s needs and wants are almost always lacking. Collaborative communication, prioritized problem solving and timely results are critical to achieving success in this area.

Children are our future and we have an obligation to prepare them for success in this world. CCS is an outstanding example of this.

Dr. Deering is trained as a professional counselor and psychologist. He is logical, compassionate and result oriented. More information on Dr. Deering’s qualifications are available at

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