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Monday, April 22, 2013

"Stealth" Community Hearing 4/22/13 at 6 PM at CJHS - Clarkston Schools

The district finally sent out the following notice on Thursday, 4/18/13, via the "e-blast" system, but I am not sure under which notice system because I am signed up for all of the CCS e-blasts and I only received one copy of it (normally, if it were dispatched under each e-blast forum, I would receive each copy). I will guess that few people received this.  The district also did not post it as an event that will occur on Monday on the website.  As I suspected, the district doesn’t want people to see this notice nor show up to this meeting…  Please attend to express your opinion.

Clarkston Community Schools
Friends of CCS:
On Monday, April 22 at 6:00 p.m. at the Clarkston Junior High's Performing Arts Center, the Board of Education will host a community hearing on next year's budget. As you are likely aware, the School District faces a $3.8 million deficit due to a number of factors, including decreasing state and federal revenues, decreased enrollment, and increased costs. As we develop the budget, our focus is on achieving our district’s vision, mission, and learner profile for every child we serve.
The Administration has recommended to the Board a number of budget reductions and revenue enhancements designed to meet the budget parameters established by the Board. In response, the Board has asked the Administration to consider additional items. Here is a partial list of potential revenue enhancements and budget reductions:
Limited open enrollment in grades K-2 (Administrative Recommendation, no transportation provided, limited by space available) (Open school of choice)
Operating a charter school offsite (Administrative Recommendation)
Increased sharing of staff with private schools (Administrative Recommendation)
Privatizing some services (Board inquiry)
Cutting or reducing transportation (Board inquiry)
At Monday’s hearing, the Administration will provide a brief overview of the budget and suggested changes. Following this, community members are invited to share with the Board and Administration their thoughts on the Budget. Board members and administrators will not respond at the meeting to comments from community members. Each community member will have two minutes to speak.
Community members are also welcome to send questions or suggestions via email directly to me (
As the superintendent of schools and as an advocate for public education, local control, our children, and our community, I encourage you to contact lawmakers in Lansing and ask them to carefully reconsider the cuts they have recommended in next year’s budget for public schools. Your opinions matter.
Thanks for your time,

Rod Rock, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools


  1. Clarkston starting a charter school??? Who runs it, what teachers teach there, is there a separate board of education, and why.

    If you believe in public education and you are employed in public education, why would you do this.

    Dr. Rock can espouse educational theory all day long. If he and the board of education cna't see that Lansing is the major problem then they should resign and get people in who will fight to take back local control through changing proposal A to put the finances back in the hands of the local districts.

    The govenor has had teams working in secret to get charter schools running based on a $5,000 student funding level. What will this do to local schools. (Google Michigan Education Skunkworks). These teams have separate non-work emails that can't be Foia'ed. The writing is on the wall.

    Where is the leadership. Leadership is not asking parents to call theeir local representatives, it is coming up with a plan, getting people informed, going beyond your local district, and working for change. Change with accountability. Change without educational jargon, change without undeserved raises, change without privatiation, change without taxpayer paid 401k's for administrators,and change without board members sniping at each other.

  2. How can u hire some one for say 85k, they do their job for yrs 40hrs a wk, then suddenly they need an assistand, so you hire an asst, 45-55k 40hrs a wk, then the first person changes to part time, while keeping full time perks, thus requiring their subordinates to be managed by their asst, which requires the asst to be promoted, then the assistant switches to part time. How does a whole board and administration not see you didnt need the asst or even the original director full time? Or your getting less out of both of them,? I bet the answer involves alot of CIRCLE TALK!!!

  3. Its easy to have stealth board meetings and do whatever you want , as we see no one can stop them!

  4. It's a total shame that Clarkston Schools will be laying off two Maintenance man on the afternoon shift, and two grounds men during the day in order to keep Director of Operations Assistant Jessica K. If you ask me she is useless. Never around to answer calls or shows up on time at meetings.I hope the public realizes that Clarkston Community Schools main focus is on are Directors Assistants and secretaries, not the safety of are children or the appearance of our schools.

  5. I had not heard about the lay offs. That is too bad and it makes me sad. In my opinion, the maintenance department employees and bus drivers are the people in the school district that most care for the safety of the students and work harder than any others in the district at the least pay. They keep squeezing them to do more and more... They also know more about what is really happening in the schools than any other employees.

    In regard to the district's main focus being the directors, assistants, and secretaries (rather than the safety of the children or the appearance of the schools), I would say that is very true and nothing new to me. It comes from the top of the organization (superintendent - not the board). Again, this is too bad.

  6. This is sad... If I was the Director of Operations, I would take a $10,000.00 dollar cut in pay along with getting rid of my assistant (rumor has it she might be working at Brandon Schools part-time too.)Great two part-time people, and not filling the building scheduler position. Also getting rid of one my secretaries. Either Operations secretary or the food service secretary. Since they sit near each other and they both work for part-time people Food Service and Operations Department. Why do we need two? This is how I would solve the budget and not getting rid of our maintenance guys.

  7. I kinda place some blame on the board. They didnt ask the right questions. Are u contracting out your building maint aswell as grass and snow? Where is the rfp to show u will get all the services of the 4 guys you let go plus save 150k? Even the paper misunderstood that building maint would be contracted out. There are slot of questions the board should be asking and not much time or interest to do so. Sad for the 4 individuals whose families will suffer while the administrators continue to feed the board BS and keep themselves insulated!

  8. We got rid of Big Al, Mr.beamer, and thankfully the district mouth piece/ HR/ insurance specialist ( not before she cost us 3 million by being incompetent), maybe a courtesy flush for a couple more exec directors would clear the bowl? And if we keep the hourly employees the toilet would be clean and back in working order! To bad the Board wont clear the log jam from the top!

  9. What public servant, in a budget catastrophy when people are losing their jobs, makes $166K PLUS BENIFITS drives a taxpayer provided car? Even in DETROIT they were smart enough to get rid of administrative perks like that!!! Gee i hope we are paying for his gas too!

  10. June 19th Anon,

    I agree with you.

    In my opinion, we need to clean from the top down... Dr. Rock needs to go - whether he is fired or he quits for perceived greener pastures. Rod believes in management decision making by the adage, "it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission", but then he decides to not even ask forgiveness. I believe that he thinks the board is unnecessary and he should be able to do whatever he wants.

  11. June 19th Anon,

    You said, "What public servant, in a budget catastrophe when people are losing their jobs, makes $166K PLUS BENEFITS drives a taxpayer provided car? Even in DETROIT they were smart enough to get rid of administrative perks like that!!! Gee I hope we are paying for his gas too!"

    Both Rod Rock's and Wes Goodman's employment contracts should be on the district's website under "Budget and Salary / Compensation" (the blue circle with the image of the state of Michigan on the main district web page) under "Section 3 - Bargaining Agreements, Health Care Plans and Audit". However, neither of their employment contracts are there... I have brought that to Rod Rocks attention, but he does whatever he wants, including not putting those contracts on the website and not bothering to respond to most of my emails...

    According to the over district's $100K pay report (also available on the "Budget and Salary / Compensation" reports pages under "Section 4 - Salary and Benefit Description of all Employees earning $100K or More", Wes Goodman made a TOTAL of $166,621.61 in the 2012 school year (including pay and all benefits) between Orion Schools and Clarkston Schools.

    The car/mileage amount shows $3,996, but I believe that is only the amount he gets from Clarkston, not the amount he gets from Lake Orion. It is mileage, not a car.

  12. Ummm i am sure he drives a ccs mini van!!

  13. Must be pretty nice Wes Goodman making 166,000.00 a year. Also Wes has an assistant Jessica Kimmel making $65,000.00 doing Wes Goodman's job while he is at Lake Orion or golfing or at home playing Mr. Mom driving a Clarkston Mini van. Plus throw in his secretary Annette Eva who makes money spying on employees. I think we need to look at the Operations Department next to take a cut or some one needs to go Wes? Jessica? Annette?... What do you all think.....

  14. Interesting. I need to look into that...

  15. Well now that Wes Goodman got rid of two maintenance guys and two grounds guys. I guess Jessica Kimmel is entitled for a raise and a title change. A few months ago she was a supervisor and now a Manager how much of a raise did she get?

  16. Dawn, how can someone email you? Do you keep the emails confidential?

  17. Maybe the open vehicle for comments should remain top and out front, do u go back and review it? Dont see any recent news or info

  18. You can email me at cleanupclarkstonschools at gmail dot com (replace " at " with "@" and " dot " with "."). I will keep any message sent to me confidential.

  19. Dawn Ive tried to email you and not had any luck, dont see any recent blog activity