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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lack of transparency for 4/22/13 CCS board meeting from Dr. Rod Rock

 Dr. Rod Rock, Superintendent of the Clarkston Community School District, is back to his old tricks of trying to keep the public from finding out about massive possible negative changes to the district.  Read his email to school board members on 4/16/13 in red below and then see my comments below that.
"Board Members:

I have confirmed the CJHS PAC at 6:00 for our community hearing on Monday. As we discussed yesterday, this will begin with a presentation from administration regarding the areas of focus, our recommendation, and the effects on education followed by input from community members.

As we progress toward this meeting, I respectfully request that you refrain from inviting your friends and neighbors to attend the meeting. We will e-blast a note, I have notified the newspaper, and we will use other means to inform our community. An authentic audience will emerge and let us know how they feel about these important issues. I think that we can all agree on the need for us to hear the true concerns of our community and, given the importance of these issues, those who truly have a stance will come forward.

I thank you for considering my request.


The school board discussed the following proposals at the 4/15/13 school board meeting and they will have a public discourse on them at 6 PM (before the regular meeting at 7 PM) on Monday, 4/22/13 at the Clarkston Junior High School. 

 Proposals include:
• Limited open enrollment in grades K-2; (Schools of Choice)

• Chartering a school at an off-district location – an administration recommendation;

• Privatizing custodial, maintenance, or transportation services – not a recommendation of the administration; and

• Elimination of transportation, also not a recommendation of the administration.

As of 48 hours after the meeting and more than 24 hours after the email was sent to board members:
  • The 6 PM meeting notice is not on the district website,
  • there is no reference on the district website ANYWHERE letting the public know that the district is considering these extreme measures,  
  • there have been no "e-blasts" sent out about the meeting, and
  • the Clarkston News goes to press on Monday evenings (after the meeting) and is published on Wednesdays, delivered on Thursdays, allowing very little notice to the public for the Monday meeting.
  • I have no idea what Dr. Rock plans to use in order to "use other means to inform our community".  We have seen his patented rantings in his "Superintendent's Column" that have been broadcasted in the Clarkston News, via "e-blasts", and posted on the district website, but that communication device is surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) absent.    
This is wrong!  Let your neighbors know about this and be at the meeting.


  1. Um, how does Rod still have a job at CCS if he's pulling shady shit like this? If a board member has the authority to expose this, the board members have the authority to rid CCS of Rock!

  2. That is a very good question Anon... Up until January, Dr. Rock had majority support on the board (Cheryl McGinnis, Steve Hyer, Elizabeth Egan, and Barry Bomier).

    Who knows... Maybe that is already on the agenda. We can only hope.

    Please email your opinion to the current Board Members. Their email addresses are available here: