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Friday, October 19, 2012

"Transparency? We don't need no stinkin' transparency!", version 2

Well, I thought Dr. Rod Rock couldn't remove any more transparency in the district.  Boy!  Was I wrong!

A message to Dr. Rod Rock, Clarkston (MI) Community School System Superintendent:

Dr. Rod Rock, why did you remove a bunch of board of education videos off the district's Ustream website (available here)?

Were you afraid that the community would see/hear the:
  • out of line comments and actions of school board president Cheryl McGinnis and the rest of your rubber stamp school board members (Steve Hyer, Barry Bomier, and Elizabeth Egan)?
  • the attorney for the school district, George Butler, when he inappropriately and publicly "ripped" certain members of the school board in a public board meeting early February 2012 in which you and Cheryl McGinnis blind sided the board about the reason for his presence at the meeting and what was to be discussed?
  • the public's comments at the school board meetings (including my comments, school board candidate, Betty Reilly's comments, and other comments by the public, both for and against the $20 million tech bond that was rejected by a ratio of 2:1 by the voters)?
  • the valid questions or requests for information being asked by Susan Boatman, Joan Patterson, or Rosalie Lieblang and ignored by you, Dr. Rod Rock?
  • evidence of the board bullying with the 4 to 3 votes to pass your proposals with either insufficient information to justify a vote, hidden information not being supplied to the board, or just flat overruling the board members asking questions with a forced vote and a 4:3 final win for whatever you wanted?
It is true, Dr. Rock, that you "work for" the school board.  Technically, all you "need" is four members of the board to support what you want in order to get anything passed.  However, the school board "works for" the public that voted them into office and they must be "open meetings". Therefore, the public DOES HAVE a say in what you do.

We (the public) can do something about your 4:3 blockade of the board by not returning Cheryl McGinnis to the board and making sure that Kelli Horst and Theresa Adriaens are not elected. Then you will only have the remaining rubber stamp board members (which would no longer be a majority) on the board and the "proper" school board business will be transacted at the board meetings.

What you are doing is not appreciated by the public.


  1. I guess this finally hit a nerve...

    Dr. Rod Rock has decided to reverse himself. He has finally decided to post the missing board packets on the district website back to 8/6/12...

    He also decided to post the board packets on the district website on the Friday's before the Monday meetings.

    He had removed all of the pre-August 2012 board packets off the district website and they are still not being put back on, but this is a start.

    It's too bad that it took public shaming to get him to get his transparency back.

  2. how long does it take to get meeting put up? where is 10/22/12 meeting?
    anyone see clarkston tvs' interview w/ canidates for school board. please post a link if you can. Rumor has it it was very interesting. Transparency was discussed.

  3. The board meetings are normally put up on the Tuesday morning after a Monday evening meeting. The IT Director, Matt McCarty, normally films the meetings and loads them to Comcast Channel 22 and the district's Ustream account. However, Matt McCarty was not at the meeting because he had a death in the family.

    I did not notice at the meeting if the camera was set up or not. If it was set up and recorded properly, I will guess that it will be up the week of 10/29/12. If it was not recorded, or mistakes were made in the recording, you will never see it...

    If it is not seen, you will miss three public comments plus the entire presentation on the school district's Plante & Moran financial audit.