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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vote for Boatman, Patterson, and Reilly for Clarkston School Board

Clarkston Community School Board Candidates

Vote for the three School Board candidates who LISTEN, QUESTION, and CARE!
 Here is the website for the best candidates for the Clarkston (Michigan) Community School Board.  
Please vote to re-elect Susan Boatman and Joan Patterson, and elect Betty Reilly to the Clarkston School Board November 6, 2012!

Susan Boatman    Joan Patterson    Betty Reilly

       3 Candidates Stand Out
  • For an effective Clarkston School Board
  • For lowering class sizes
  • For improved student achievement
  • For better oversight of our school tax $
They will do the proper research, and planning, and provide oversight and checks and balances on important decisions in order to ensure positive long-term effects for our students, our schools, our community and our property values.  (Ex. To prevent an issue as happened with the failed bond proposal that cost Clarkston Schools over $35,000!).
                   Ensure your voice is heard in determining the direction of Clarkston Schools!
                    Together, they CAN make a difference!

Pro Kids - Pro Education - Pro Taxpayer - Anti-Rubber Stamp

I personally know Sue Boatman, Joan Patterson, and Betty Reilly.  I know they are the people NEEDED for the Clarkston School Board. 

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