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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Best 2012 Clarkston Community School Board Candidates!

Here is the website for the best candidates for the Clarkston (Michigan) Community School Board.  

Please vote to re-elect Susan Boatman and Joan Patterson, and elect Betty Reilly to the Clarkston School Board November 6, 2012!

Susan Boatman and Joan Patterson (along with Rosalie Lieblang - still on the board and not up currently up for re-election) have been the voices of reason on the school board.  They ask questions and request additional information that has not been supplied by administration in order to make more informed decisions for the school district and the public. 

Betty Reilly was involved in the parent led C.R.I.S.I.S group that got the word out on the district planned stealth $20 million iPad bond proposal that was rejected two to one by the voting public in May 2012.  Betty receives the school board meeting board packets to identify what business is being addressed at each of the board meetings and has regularly attended board meetings for the last two years.  Betty has spoken at many meetings trying to get the school district to be more open and transparent.

To see biographies for Boatman, Patterson, and Reilly, visit

ELECT: BOATMAN, PATTERSON, and REILLY to Clarkston School Board


  1. After Chatting with these 3 women today at the Clarkston Family Health and Wellness Expo. They have opened my eyes to the TRUTH, and my jaw dropped. The Hidden information, the Hidden agenda. I am dying to know what else is out there that I do not know about!

  2. Simpatico, Exactly! Thanks for becoming aware. Everyone else needs to do the same. Please pass the word on about Susan Boatman, Joan Patterson, and Betty Reilly. Remember BPR on election day.

  3. Clearly that's exactly what I call a splendid blog article! Do you this portal for private joy only or you basically exploit it to get profit with its help?

  4. Karen, I do not understand your comment. I do not do this for joy.

    I do it out of a sense of community assistance. I also did not create that BPR website, although I supported it.

    Unfortunately, Betty Reilly did not get elected, but Craig Hamilton was elected. The key was not electing the other two candidates.

    By the way, what interest do you have in Clarkston Community Schools since you live in St. Clair Shores?