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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Financial Supporters of pro $20 million bond group - mostly school officials

 Who really has supported the pro $20 million bond group?  Contrary to the group's leader, it is NOT from "community support".  See the details below.

Comments from the 5/6/12 Oakland press article on the $20 million dollar bond (view here):

"$20M school bond issue that includes remodeling and possibly an iPad for every student at forefront in Clarkston"

 Published: Saturday, May 05, 2012

By MONICA DRAKE -; Twitter: @monica_adele

From the article it says, "Clarkston Kids First member Mary Herzenstiel said the district has been transparent and has not promoted the bond. She said all funds Clarkston Kids First has raised are through community support, not through the district."  That sounds nice, but the funding statement  is not really the truth...

The "Pro" bond folks go by several group names ("Clarkston Kids First", "Put Clarkston Kids First" and "Vote Yes For Kids". However, "officially" they are registered with Oakland County as "Vote Yes For Kids". If you look up their official information online at the county here, it shows who their financial supporters are.  Most of their funds were NOT from "community support", but rather from district officials, board officers, the teacher's union, and school parent organization officials.

They had 21 donations for a total of $2,360.00. Of that amount, here are the donations (from highest to lowest):
Clarkston Education Assoc (CEA) (CCS teacher's union) - $500
Tara Ouelette - CCS NSE principal - $200
Elizabeth Egan - CCS school board vice president - $200
Lawrence Wright - unknown - $200
Rod Rock - CCS superintendent - $150
Richard Egan - husband of CCS school board VP - $100
Cheryl McGinnis - CCS school board president - $100
Steve Hyer - CCS school board treasurer - $100
Stauder Barch & Assoc - CCS district's bond attorney - $100
Aimee Baker - CCS SPE PTA president - $100
Billie Pambid - CCS RHS principal - $100
Laura Durkin - CCS SPE PTA volunteer & parent - $100
Sean Ryan - CCS Deputy Superintendent - $50
Nancy Mahoney - CCS SPE elementary principal - $50
Anita Banach - CCS Human Resources Director - $50
Kathryn Christopher - CCS Director of Support Services (special ed) - $50
Kelli Horst - CCS PTA council president & parent - $50
Kelly Finazzo - CCS CSIMA president & parent - $50
Cheryl McNeil - CCS CJHS PTA President & parent - $50
Mary Beth Rogers - CCS Director of Business Operations - $40
Gary Kaul - CCS CHS principal - $20
Total donators and donations - 21 individuals - $2360 and percent of the total dollars reported as collected:
  • CCS officials (superintendent, dep supt, directors, principals and CCS school board officers - 12 donations - $1110 - 47% of total
  • CEA - CCS teachers' union - $500 - 21% of total
  • Stauder Barch& Assoc (bond attorney for the CCS district) - $100 - 4% of total
  • husband of CCS Board VP - $100 - 4% of total
  • CCS organization officials - $350 - 15% of total
  • unknown individual - 1 - $200 - 8% of total  (the "real" community support")

The "pro bond" group may not have received money from the district directly, but they sure received MOST of their money from school officials or school linked entities!

Apparently, this group believes they can do anything they want.  They can put up signs five days early, ignore notices to take the signs down, and if they say something loud enough, cry when they say it ("sniff, sniff, It's for the KIDS!, How could you deny the KIDS!?!?"), say what a group wants to hear (whether it is true or not), that people will believe it.  I may have been born in the morning, but I wasn't born THIS morning!

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