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Thursday, May 17, 2012

"All about the kids?" Not hardly! Read on...

I feel that contrary to what the district personnel, certain members of the board, and some high level PTA officers say publicly about the district claiming to be "all about the kids", in reality, the district is almost entirely "about the continuation of the organization, career advancement and personal financial objectives of the administrators, teachers, and teacher's union, and the political aspirations of certain members of the board".

I believe that the majority of the CCS staff cares about the students and wants the best for them, but in my opinion, the district as an organization considers the students only as a conduit to a continuation of the organization as a whole via the revenue their presence brings.  Beyond that, the organization considers the students via their performances that the district can claim as bragging rights to be the result of the education the district provided to the students: their MEAP scores, awards, sports team records, college scholarship money earned by the students, etc.  

I also believe that the CCS organization does not care about the staff unless they are tenured certified teachers or administrators.  The secretaries, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, para pros, custodians, and other, less numerous and less highly paid groups of workers are considered expendable by the district.

This is wrong!

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