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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You can be a "1 to Global" learner too!

You can be a "1 to Global" learner too!  It's not just for the students.

You can do some "deep thinking" about the capital needs bond proposal for Clarkston Schools along with a look into the logic of Dr. Rock and how the school board works.

Then you can "collaborate" and "share your big ideas/understandings with others around the world", or maybe just fellow taxpayers.

Please view the following three YouTube videos of snippets of CCS School Board meetings:

Please vote NO on May 8th.

1 comment:

  1. Who makes the decisions about how the facility mantenance budget is spent and prioritized?

    Would you buy a new tv, dinning room set, cutrains? Then borrow money to fix your furnace,septic tank and windows? (especially considering "The Perfect Storm" we are STILL weathering)
    If it wasn't your wages being cut,you making concession or possibly your job being outsourced?
    You mite if it wasn't your money and you only had to bet 35K which also wasn't your money.
    If you would still maintain a pension,TSA,company car,sick days,holidays paid,personal days etc?