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Monday, March 19, 2012

Very insightful Anonymous post from 3/19/12

Very insightful Anonymous post from 3/19/12:

"I have never voted down a school bond proposal in my life, but I will vote "no" on May 8 for several reasons.

1. CCS has too much debt. The best thing we can do for "the kids" is to teach them that you don't borrow money for technology that is obsolete in 24 to 36 months. You live within your means.

2. Too many families can't afford a bigger tax burden. Their homes are under water and unemployment/underemployment is still too high. What world do the four members who voted for this live in?

3. I have interviewed job applicants who are terrific on the computer and still can't find England on a map. iPads may be good for Apple's stock price but they don't teach intellectual curiosity.

4. I am put off by the Clarkston Board of Education's Politburo-style conduct of keeping dissenting voices from being heard.

5. I am equally put off by the sneaky move to slide this issue onto a special election -- at the cost of $35,000 -- to keep turnout low and to stack the deck with the "yes" crowd.

6. The superintendent wants to raise my taxes and plunge our district into more debt but apparently isn't such a believer in CCS' future that he'll bring his family here (and pay Clarkston taxes). Which raises a question: Are are the taxpayers picking up the cost of him lengthy commute via his car allowance?

7. I've seen no studies linking iPads and wireless connectivity to test scores. I have seen studies showing that tablets and netbooks in schools have a short shelf life due to wear and tear.

7. Frankly, I don't trust the people running CCS to spend the bond money wisely or ethically."

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