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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another insightful 3/19/12 Anonymous post on the $20 million bond, the bogus "it's for the kids" campaign, and Dr. Rock

Another insightful 3/19/12 Anonymous post on the $20 million bond, the bogus "it's for the kids" campaign, and Dr. Rock:

"A previous commenter summed it up nicely: This $20 million tech bond isn't about "the kids," it's about Dr. Rod Rock trying to make a name for himself in education circles. Note that he doesn't stay in one place very long, which probably explains why he won't put down roots in Clarkston. This is just another springboard for his bigger career aspirations -- but on our dime."
How very true in my opinion.


  1. You're observations are correct but let's take this a step further. We all know that Dr. Rock can spout educational theory, practice, and jargon. As a former Director of Instructional services, he should be able to do that. Those skills are necessary in forming a vision that others can adopt and move toward.

    However, that vision must be coupled with the expertise of district managment, budgetary, and financial skills and this is where Dr. Rock and his team are woefully deficient.

    Why has he not prepared a zero-based budget where every line item in the budget has been thoroughly examined for relevancy and cost combined with possible alternatives. Make it transparent by making it available to the public. He hasn't demonstrated the experience or will to do so.

    A willingness to support will come from the community but it should be preceded by a willingness on the part of administration to demonstrate what they have done to demonstrate goood stewardship over existing funds.

    Continually, drawing down the fund balance is not my idea of good stewardship, especially if you have not systematically and thoroughly examined your current spending practices.

    1. Let's face the truth, Dr. Rock received his doctorate in "Spinology" and he has done all he can to "spin" the facts regarding the upcoming bond election.

      In his April 4,2012 article in the Clarkston News he mentions that the bond will put students on par with children in Espoo which is a town in Finland. What he doesn't mention is that Finland spends on average 30% less per student than the United States. Teachers teach less hours spending more time on curriculum and evaluation. The Kirkkojarvi Comprehensive School in Espoo houses 240 students in grades one through nine. There are many more facts that make education different than in the United States.

      The point is that anyone who cherry picks only certain facts to make his or her point is being intellectually dishonest. Stop the spin, get more facts, say no to the bond issue at this time (3 out of 7 board memberss have already done so).

  2. They are going to do what they want, bond passes they get what they want and pat themselves on the back maybe even give themselves a raise. Bond doesn't pass they do what they want, pat themselves on the back, cut hourly emploees pay and benifits or outsorce, then continue w/ their agenda. Just a matter of who pays... taxpayers via bond or the support staff via wages or w/ their jobs.

  3. April 11 3:31 PM Anonymous,

    I love the reference to Dr. Rock's doctorate in "spinology"!

    Any comparisons of Clarkston schools to schools in areas where the students are all or mostly native peoples or where the schools can be selective about who they admit are invalid.

    Just about any school in the far east (especially China or Japan), or the mostly non-immigrant countries like Sweden, Iceland, Norway, or Finland are homogeneous and not comparable to Clarkston.

    My bi-lingual (Japanese/English) speaking nephews speak Japanese in their home and go to visit relatives in Japan every summer. They are in advanced math/science schools in a public school system in the US and go to Japanese school every Saturday. They went to school in Japan one summer and had an awful experience. They could keep up and were doing fine in the classes, but the male students were verbally and physically abusive to them because they were not 100% Japanese. The teacher did nothing to stop the abuse, even when it was brought to her attention by my sister in law. Culturally, in Japan, women do not correct a man, even if the "man" is a 12 year old bully in her classroom. My nephews had to leave the school for their own safety. It was an expensive private prep school with supposedly fabulous educational attainment, but it was not a school YOU would want your children to go to and my nephews were keeping up with the other students. I was told that only the top students are allowed to stay in the school, leaving the top students in the school and dropping the least successful students to go to other schools. The public schools in Clarkston do not have the ability to do that - at least not yet...

    You can't compare apples to oranges and you can't take one bit of information about a school and magnify it to mean something it isn't without having all of the facts.

    1. Let's compare apples to apples. Look at the August 2011 Michigan Department of Education Databse of Top to bottom schools. Springfield Plains and Independence elementary schools rank above the 95th percentile while North Sashabaw and Pine Knob elementaries rank just above the 50th percentile.

      Is this a statistically significant difference? You bet it is. What is administration doing about this? For example, look at the media center and collections in each of the four schools and you will see one example of how different these schools really are. Do we have second classs schools and students in clarkston? Why isn't this issue being addressed???? The bond issue is more of the same spend and continue to do what you've always done.

      Lets let Dr. Rock and the Matt McCarty explain how the bond issue will close this gap. I must have missed it in the plan.

  4. April 11 5:36 PM Anonymous,

    I agree with you completely. The deputy superintendent, Mr. Sean Ryan, stated in a recent board meeting that whether or not the bond passes, all Clarkston Schools will be wired for Wi-Fi and they will still go ahead with the plan.

  5. Looks like the team that selected Dr. Rock were the same idiots that selected Dr. Al Roberts. Arrogance must be at the top of their list, and a down to earth no nonsense person with common sense does not get considered for the position. Such a shame as this school system used to be run by good people and people looked up to Clarkston Schools. Now I am ashamed.

  6. November 3, 2012 Anonymous,

    It looks like they would be the same board members, but no, there has been a complete change in the board since then.

    I agree about the current school board. Only Rosalie Lieblang, Joan Patterson, and Susan Boatman are worth retaining on the board - the rest are embarrassments - not doing their due diligence to make sure they are doing the right thing. They just rubber stamp their "yes" vote on anything Dr. Rod Rock wants.

    However, on November 6, we can take back the school board by voting in candidates that WILL do what they were voted into office to do - look out for the kids, the taxpayers, the parents, and the district as a whole (rather than furthering the career plans of Dr. Rock).

    Please vote for Susan Boatman, Joan Patterson, Betty Reilly, and Craig Hamilton. Make sure you do NOT vote for Cheryl McGinnis, Kelli Horst, nor Theresa Adriaens. We must free the school board from the 4-3 majority of Cheryl McGinnis, Steve Hyer, Elizabeth Egan, and Barry Bomier. McGinnis and Bomier's slots are open and Bomier is thankfully not running for re-election, but we must not return McGinnis to the board.