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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Did Steve Hyer Violate CCS Board Bylaws? You be the judge.

 Did Steve Hyer Violate CCS Board Bylaws?  
You be the judge.

CCS School Board Treasurer, Steve Hyer, was on WJR 760 AM radio on Saturday, February 18, 2012 with three students from the "FIRST" group from CCS, "Team Rush 27".  They were on the Internet Advisor's show with Gary Baker and Foster Braun.  This occurred five days after the school district attorney, Mr. George Butler, of Dickinson Wright PLLC, railed the board with scenarios of violations of Board Bylaws and ethics violations.  The title of the show was "High Technology and Education". 

Mr. Hyer was identified at the beginning of his portion of the show as the CEO of IGD Solutions as well as the Treasurer of the Clarkston school board.   They also mentioned that IGD Solutions hosts their website and provides their email services...  He talked about "one to global learning devices", technology in schools, and Team Rush.  

I believe that Mr. Hyer's "public expression" on the radio show violated CCS Board bylaw, 0143.1, "Public Expression of Board Members" by allowing himself to be identified as the Clarkston School Board Treasurer and speaking on school matters.  Mr. Hyer also did not attempt to correct the interviewers by saying he was representing his own views and not the views of the entire board.   

There is a podcast recording of the approximately 20 minute interview available here:

The key portion is from approximately 6 minutes, 30 seconds to about 27 minutes, 20 seconds of the podcast.

You can also find the podcast and show information here:  This show is on the first hour of the 2/18/12 podcasts.

Show Notes: 

Here is the CCS Board Bylaw in regard to public expression of board members.  I believe that Mr. Steve Hyer was in violation of the bylaw. 

0143.1          Public Expression of Board Members

From time to time individual Board members make public statements on school matters:
A.    to local media;
B.     to local officials and/or State officials.

Sometimes the statements imply, or the readers (listeners) infer, that the opinions expressed or statements made are the official positions of the Board. The misunderstandings that can result from these incidents can embarrass both the member and the Board. Therefore, Board members shall adhere to the guidelines contained herein when writing or speaking on school matters to the media, legislators, and other officials.

The Clarkston Board of Education, as a matter of policy, disclaims responsibility for any individual public statements by its members. Public views expressed by individual Board members are those of the member and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Board or of the author's colleagues on the Board.

The individual making the public statement shall not use his/her Board title. 

This bylaw shall apply to all statements and/or writings by individual Board members not explicitly sanctioned by a majority of its members, except as follows:
A.    Correspondence, such as legislative proposals, when the Board member has received official guidance from the Board on the matters discussed in the letter.
B.     Routine, not for publication correspondence of the Superintendent and other Board employees.
C.     Routine "thank you" letters of the Board.
D.    Statements by Board members on nonschool matters (providing the statements do not identify the author as a member of the Board).
E.     Personal statements not intended for publication.

Revised 11/98
Revised 12/8/03


  1. Dawn, I applaud your efforts regarding the workings of our school board, and have many reservations of my own, especially with Mr. Hyer being on the Board and providing IT services as president of an IT company. Who stands to get the support and maintenance contract for the thousands of iPads that will be distributed if the bond passes? If it's Mr. Hyer's company, then there is potentially criminal activity that needs to be investigated.

  2. The district is not saying who will service the devices...