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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Community Input Sessions for Future Technology and Facility Planning at CCS (read "bond or sinking fund request").

Although it's not stated in this "informational notice" on the district website, you need to know how the CCS district wants to get a new bond or sinking fund approved for future facility and technology spending.  The district's recent actions show they consider a lack of response from the public to be acceptance and approval of their actions or requests.  Make sure you ask specifics about how they want to spend the money and ask about  the changes coming for new Michigan public school bond funds that will apply to this bond request (if it is approved) and how much more it will cost the taxpayers than in the past... 

See below for info on "community input sessions" coming up in November 2011 from the home page for the CCS website here Please be sure you attend!     

"Community Input Sessions for Future Technology and Facility Planning
CCS Administrators will be holding three Community Input Sessions for future facility and technology planning.  The purpose of these sessions will be to discuss the technology and building/capital improvement needs of the district, gather feedback from parents and community members about these needs and determine next steps.

Sessions will be held on the following dates at the locations noted:

Wednesday, November 9 - Springfield Plains Elementary School Media Center - 6:00 pm
Wednesday, November 16 - CCS Administration Building - 12:00 noon
Thursday, November 17 - Pine Knob Elementary School Media Center - 6:00 pm

We hope you can join us!"


  1. Would the sinking fund help maintain the Bayliss property? Could they buy new turf for CHS stadium? Maybe some paint for that shack they call a board office or a new sign? I'll support that!

  2. Anonymous, obviously you have seen the list of the district's possible bond or sinking fund requests from previous school board meetings!

    I understand that there is a new requirement for any new school bond requests. My understanding is that if a district is not up to date with bond payments (CCS is not up to date to the tune of about $7 million), that a district has two options with regard to getting additional bonds funded.

    Option 1 - Get up to date on existing bonds by paying up all the money borrowed from the state to pay for bond payments the district was not able to pay in the past (approximately $7 million) and then the district can borrow at the usual low school district interest rate.

    Option 2 - Leave the existing state loans in place for repaying the existing payments for bonds the district could not pay, but pay a much higher rate to borrow for a new bond. This would mean that if a bond were approved, it would cost much more to pay off.

    If the district is already behind in paying bond payments, can they really afford another one?

    Please show up to one of the bond discussion meetings that appear to have been scheduled to ensure as few people as possible would attend. There are two 6 PM Wednesday evening meetings and a noon meeting next Thursday.

  3. The district can afford anything they want, they pay the bill with my money! Sure they write the check but the origin of the money is us the taxpayers! To pay for what these administrators feel are priorities. Like making the building they work in the most extravagant, plush, over engineered palace, while my child goes to a school that smells like a outhouse (BLE). While we are told there is no smell or everything is fine, I bet if the administrators resort smelled like BLE it would be unacceptable and immediately fixed, but since it's just students and lowly staff that have to smell it, it's denied, ignored and justified!

  4. I say vote for the Tech bond maybe then the district can hire a IT person who can then buy the technology to get the board meetings on the net and on cable, am sure they aren't there because we pay that guy 100K +, and lots of perks. But for that you can't hope for him to work miracles and get information about the board and their business to the public. Surely it must cost 200K and space age technology to accomplish that!

  5. 11/19 Anonymous,

    The Exec Dir of Technology is the second highest paid employee in the district (base salary over $119k/year)...

    I have also noticed that again we have a board meeting missing from Comcast channel 22... The 11/14 board meeting is not on Comcast... I wonder why.

    If you check out the second recording (it was a very long meeting) of the 11/14/11 board meeting from the district website (go to the board page), you can see the sensitive parts of the meeting.