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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My comments at the 9/26/11 CCS Board Meeting

"Regarding the Capital and Technology Needs List and Review, I am concerned about a few things.

  1. There was no BAR (Board Action Request Form) for this report on this meeting’s Board Packet, just as there were missing BARs and missing documentation on the September 12th meeting's board packet. 
  2.  I am concerned that several of the items on the Capital Needs list appear to be items that would be covered in the normal operating budget and wonder why they are being moved into a bond.   Buses are listed under furnishings and equipment, yet the buses have been leased in the recent past and those funds have come from the general fund. 
  3.  Has there been any coordinated technology and curriculum agreed upon by the board?  
  4.  If purchases that might have come from the general fund are moved to the bond, what impact will that have on the general fund?  Will those general fund dollars that would have been used for those items be loosened up to purchase whatever administration wants because they have the approved budget for that total amount in the general fund?  If so, then the general budget should be adjusted downward so as not to allow administration to spend like drunken sailors on leave. 
  5. Are there any funds in the capital needs list for the Baylis house?  That building appears to be a white elephant.  For the small amount of use the building has and the high cost of maintaining it, it would make more sense to sell that house and it’s out buildings as it is an expensive place to have a retreat for Team Rush once a year and to serve as a storage unit for boats and antique vehicles for district personnel.  I have photos of vehicles being stored in one of the outbuildings.  There has already been work performed on the building in the last month in excess of $10,000.00.

I only had a few minutes during the meeting to see the new documentation administration put together for the 9/26/11 board meeting (they changed the board packet sometime Monday afternoon before the meeting).  They added more detail to the bond request.  I will put that on the blog.  The Baylis house is the farmhouse that is at the corner of M-15 and Hubbard Rd, at the corner of the parcel of land that Independence Elementary is on. 

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