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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10/25/11 status of my 9/12/11 FOIA request

I still have not received my FOIA results six weeks after the request was submitted.

The district is now three weeks (15 business days) past the expiration date of their extension (October 4, 2011). According to the FOIA specialist in the State of Michigan's Attorney General's office, the district is allowed a "reasonable" amount of time to supply the information.  I believe that six weeks exceeds a "reasonable" amount of time for 250 pages of documents.  Therefore, I believe that the district is violation of FOIA. 

I addressed this at the 10/24/11 board meeting and Dr. Rock retorted at the end that the district's attorneys say that the district is not in violation because FOIA does not say how soon documents have to be supplied.  However, according to the AG's office, a "reasonable" amount of time is assumed.  I guess this must mean that they will supply it when they are good and ready, like when I am 95 years old...

I believe that Dr. Rock does not want the information I requested to become public.

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