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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dr. Rock's non-responsive response to my email to Dr Rock after 9/12/11 board meeting

According to Dr Rock on his last "Words from the Sup't" article in the Clarkston News on 9/21/11,  he said:

"If there's ever any way that I can be of direct service to you, please contact me at "
Given that, you would have expected that I would have received a slightly different response to the email I sent to Dr. Rock on 9/17/11 after the 9/12/11 school board meeting.  You can see that original email here from my blog.

Here was the response I received from Dr. Rock on 9/17/11:
 "Mrs. Schaller.
 Thanks for your note.
 Dr. Rock"
On 9/19/11 I responded back,

Dr. Rock,
I consider your response, "Thanks for your note.", to be an acceptable acknowledgment to the receipt of my email, but not a "response". Are you refusing to answer my questions/requests?
Dawn Schaller"
Dr. Rock responded back on 9/19/11,
"Mrs. Schaller:

When you e-mail me, I will acknowledge my receipt of your e-mail. Generally speaking, I will not notify you of my subsequent actions or offer extended responses.
Thank you,
Dr. Rock"

On 9/19/11 I responded back:
Dr. Rock,

 I did not ask for an "extended response".
I take your response to mean that you are not intending to be responsive to me/the public. That is not collaboration and is not a positive thing, especially for someone who claims to be "collaborative".
The antonym of "collaborative" is "uncooperative". Acting in a "my way or the highway" or "it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission" manner is not collaboration no matter if you try to twist $30 words around it - it is being uncooperative. 
To a reasonable person, one would assume that a non-response from you assumes you have something to hide or you just don't care what the public thinks. If you are going to take credit for everything good that happens in the district, you must also take the fall for everything bad that happens in the district. 
I would prefer you actually act in a collaborative manner and respond to the public. I know I am not the only parent you have ignored that has come to you with concerns.
I still believe that you have an obligation to:  
1. follow school district policy, as they are the rules for operation of the district (you may change Administrative Guidelines as long as they are not contradictory to policy),
2. post the entire board packet on the website if you are not emailing the board packets to members of the public who have requested them,
3. address the football player ineligibility issue to the public,
4. post the entire 9/12/11 board meeting on the district website (since you know it was cut off),

 If you don't feel you have an obligation to do those things, then I feel there is a problem.  
 Dawn Schaller"
On 9/19/11, Dr. Rock responded back to me with these words of wisdom:
"Mrs. Schaller:
Thanks again for your comments. I will take action where needed. I will not offer an extended response to you.
Dr. Rock"
Dr. Rock's follow on action/response to all of this, was that he:
  • did not post the full video of the 9/12/11 board meeting on the district website,
* The missing portion of the meeting included a discussion regarding an attempt at a power grab for Dr. Rock to basically give him a dictatorship over the school district in section 7 - to give Dr. Rock the authority to determine policy - to request, write, and provide his take on policies for his four rubber stamp members (majority) of the board to approve, although policies are the responsibility of the board and the superintendent has responsibility to administer the policies, not to set them (that is board responsibility),
* my comments at the end of the meeting in section 8,
* Dr. Rock's Superintendent's Update in section 10.
  • did not update the 9/12/11 board packet with all of the missing documentation,
  • did not address that his secretary emailed me 45 minutes before the 9/12/11 meeting that the only changes to the board packet was a financial document that was added when, in fact, there were many additions to the board packet,
  • still claims that the board approved his "pilot technology initiatives" that he already implemented, although they did not, 
  • and never addressed the varsity football player ineligibility issue.  
Dr. Rock has NOT been responsive to me, has not been responsive to others, and I believe he is not being responsive to this community or looking out for our kids' or the school system's best interest!


  1. Love it! I think I am going to start using his same response: "Thanks for your note" when parents e-mail me about student's grades, questions on assignments, etc. Something tells me this same response wouldn't be acceptable for teachers.

  2. Anonymous,

    I agree Dr. Rock's response would not be acceptable for teachers, as it would not be acceptable for any employee in any organization to reply to a customer, constituent, parent, etc.

    Please pass the word on my blog.

    Thanks for responding!

  3. I'd bet being on the bottom of this food chain is a joy! Please remeber the employees at the bottom have no choice in how this "organization" is run, what it spends, how it spends. They have taken pay cuts and made sacrifices, all so those at the top Super,Executive Director of this and that can have raises and more perks!

  4. If and when Dr. Rock comes through with the FOIA documents I requested on 9/12/11, I will be able to see if anyone received salary increases, bonuses, or other increases in their pay. You can be certain, if it did happen, it will have been a director of one thing or another, a central office employee, or top administrator...

  5. Bonuses? How do you have money for bonuses when your broke? After they take from the lower tier employees they do such a good job they have surplus funds and that doesn't look good, quick lets find a way to put it in our own pockets! Performance bonus anyone? How about another round of promotions for us because we deserve it! look at all the money we saved! I hope we the public can get the Exec. Dir. of Business a bonus on his way out... bet he took care of himself in his contract already