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Monday, August 1, 2011

Why am I doing this blog?

I am neither trying to "take down" nor "smear" the district.  My intent is to get the superintendent to manage the day to day operations of the district as if he lived here and had his kids in the school system, to follow direction from the board, to manage school funds prudently, to follow policy, etc.  In short, to do things "right".

I also want to see the school board setting direction and managing the superintendent (and not allowing Dr. Rock to manage THEM), for the board to make decisions as if they still had kids in the school system, to make prudent financial decisions, to follow direction from the public, and to follow policy, etc.

I bought property and built a house in Independence Twp to a large extent because of the school system... I like and respect the staff, the schools themselves, and the kids.

My beef is not with the school district or the staff. My beef is with the superintendent and the four school board members who accommodate Dr. Rock on any and all demands he puts forward to the board - no matter what the public wants and no matter how it may harm our students or the district.

I just hope that through this blog, newspaper articles, letters to the editor, and talking to other residents, that the people of this community will see what is really going on in our school system, take a stand to say they're not going to stand for it, and that will put the pressure on to allow for needed changes in the school district and on the school board.

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