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Friday, August 12, 2011

Clarkston Schools dropping public Comcast broadcast of board meetings

This is a photo of channel 22's only transmission as of 8/11/11.  In case you can't read it, it says:

"Clarkston Community Schools' broadcast of the Board of Education meetings will soon be moving to the Internet.
Watch the district home page at for more information."
The Clarkston Community School System has apparently decided to stop showing the school board meetings on Comcast's channel 22, the public access channel for the school system.  The meetings have stopped transmitting and in their place is the blue screen above.  The meetings used to loop constantly until several months ago when the meetings started including public comments that the district didn't want people to hear...  Then the meetings would play for a day or two and then stop.  There would then be a solid green screen and no more meeting recordings until the next meeting.  

At the last meeting, I commented about the recent board meetings "disappearing" from channel 22 shortly after the meetings began running on Comcast.  After the meeting, the district's IT director came over to me and advised me that he was responsible for keeping the board meeting recording transmitting on Comcast and that whenever the equipment that transmitted the recordings of the meetings lost power, that the recordings stopped transmitting and that was why the recordings stopped, but that the district didn't know it until someone called the district to let them know.  The fact that the district's second highest paid employee ($119,000/ year salary for the IT director) cannot keep a machine working is sad indeed.  
Apparently, someone in the district doesn't want the public to know what the superintendent and the board are up to.  If the board meetings are no longer on Comcast Cable and only on the district website, it will obviously be seen by far fewer people and cannot be seen at all by people without internet access.  Although it does not surprise me at all, I find it an unfortunate action by the district.

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  1. After I brought this up at a board meeting in September, the superintendent advised that he would put the board meetings back on Comcast! YEA!