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Friday, August 19, 2011

Board meetings now on the district website - still off Comcast - August 17, 2011 Clarkston News Article

8/17/11 Article in the Clarkston News: click here 

"School board meetings now posted on website

August 17, 2011 - The Clarkston Community Schools Board of Education meetings are now available to watch online.

The link to the board's last meeting, on July 11, is found on the bottom of the district's home page at

"The meetings are and will continue to be broadcasted on cable," said Dr. Rock, superintendent. "We are also planning to stream them on our website. We plan to have this as a secondary method for all to view the meetings."

He explained only Independence Township residents have the option to watch it on Comcast cable right now. Expanding it to the internet allows more interested community members to watch.

Rock also said they plan to add finance committee meetings, as well."
Contrary to what Dr. Rock told the Clarkston News, it's now been a week with the channel 22 of Clarkston Comcast Cable not transmitting school board meetings.  It has about four different backgrounds with the same printed message on it with nondescript choral, orchestral, or elevator music in the background.  This is what it shows now:

It will be interesting to see if the district ever decides to post the board meetings back on channel 22 of Comcast, or if they just decide to post the board meetings on the district website and walk away from Comcast. 
Update on 9/16/11:  I spoke at the 9/12/11 board meeting and called out Dr. Rock for not putting the board meetings back on Comcast channel 22.  He retorted that he was going to put them back on the board and a couple days later, he did...  Thanks Dr. Rock.   

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