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Saturday, July 16, 2011

7/13/11 Letter to the Editor re: Dr. Rock's double standard re: response to recall Gov Snyder petition signing at Pine Knob Elementary

Letter to the editor (click here)

Activists find double standard

July 13, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Thank you for your story ("Recall in wrong place," and your editorial "Keep school information flow open," June 23). It has shown us that the change in leadership in the Clarkston Community Schools has brought us more of the same.

It's been a month since we called CCS and left our names and phone numbers regarding our concerns of a double standard we saw the school district applying to a recall Gov. Snyder campaign that was illegally going to be held on school property.

Those who brought the website posting and illegality of the recall event to Superintendent Dr. Rod Rock's attention days before the event occurred, still have not received return phone calls from anyone at the school district.

Contrary to Dr. Rock's assertion, it took three and a half days longer for the school district to finally apply the "same standard" they swiftly demanded of other recall groups. Obviously the subject of the recall had something to do with the school district's double standard.

According to your story, Dr. Rock said he "had no advance knowledge of" the recall at Pine Knob Elementary school, but he goes on to say that he "directed his team to put a disclaimer on the school district's website."

Yet we saw the website disclaimer posted well before the first day of the planned recall at Pine Knob Elementary.

Posting a disclaimer well before the event occurred and then claiming that you had "no knowledge of" the event, is impossible!

The school district was fully aware that school property was going to be used for a recall campaign, well before it was scheduled, yet the school district chose to ignore the public's warning.

Our recent experience has shown us that it's asking too much to hear from "one voice" at the superintendent's office, let alone two.

Has the superintendent's office found a Supreme Court ruling that says they don't have to speak to taxpayers now, too?

"One voice" doesn't return calls made to the superintendent's office. Do board members really want to put themselves in the position that may lead to "one voice" that may not be returning their calls too?

We think school board members need to rethink their "one voice" policy and question Dr. Rock's "one voice" that used our school district website for his political purposes.

Michael and Lori Powell
Joel and Mindy DeLong
Mike and Dawn Schaller

Independence Township

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