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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tell me what you think of Dr. Rod Rock's performance so far?

The CCS school board will be evaluating the superintendent, Dr. Rod Rock on June 20th at 5 PM.  It will be a closed session, but you can express your opinion of Dr. Rock's performance and why you feel the way you do to the entire board before they give him their evaluation.

What do you think of Dr. Rod Rock's performance so far and why do you feel that way? 

Your posts can be anonymous.  Please respond. 

My opinion:   

I think that Dr. Rock is trying to become "King Rock of Clarkston Schools" and that he has an agenda that goes far beyond Clarkston Schools.  I think that he believes he is the next "Horace Mann" - that he will be the "Savior of Public Schools in America".  

If School Board votes count to show anything, then Dr. Rock appears to have apparent full control over four members of the school board (Mr. Steve Hyer, Mr. Barry Bomier, Mrs. Cheryl McGinnis, and Mrs. Elizabeth Egan) who have so far voted for anything Dr. Rock has proposed.  Based on this scenario, Dr. Rock has gotten anything passed that he has wanted so far.  Therefore, Dr. Rock need only satisfy four people in order to get anything approved that he wants and he apparently thinks that is all that is necessary.  I don't believe that he cares what the parents of CCS students have to say.  There is no accepted/acted upon input from the public - so much for collaboration.  

The School Board president, Mr. Steve Hyer, and Dr. Rock control the school board agenda and I believe that they are the head bullies in the school system/School Board.  Is it any wonder we have a bullying problem in Clarkston Community Schools?  If the bullying starts at the top, it will "trickle down" as former President Reagan used to say regarding economics.  I have heard that Dr. Rock manages by fear, because if you are an employee and hold an opinion contrary to Dr. Rock, you should be afraid for your job (similar to how it was under Dr. Roberts, but worse).

I believe that if Dr. Rock remains as the Superintendent of the Clarkston Community School System, he will make changes (including expanding school of choice/open enrollment to students from outside school systems), ruin it, move on to something else, and leave us with the shattered remains of what once was an excellent school system.      

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