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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Superintendent evaluation 6/20/11 at 5 PM at CCS boardroom - closed session

The CCS school board will be evaluating the superintendent, Dr. Rod Rock on June 20th at 5 PM.  It will be a closed session, but you can express your opinion of Dr. Rock's performance and why you feel the way you do to the entire board before they give him their evaluation.

Here is information on board member email addresses to let them know what you think of Dr. Rock's performance:  It's not safe to post email addresses on the internet, so I won't do it here (replace the "at" with "@" and the "dot" with a period), but all of the board members and the superintendent have email addresses at clarkston dot k12 dot mi dot us with the exception of Cheryl McGinnis.  Here are the individual email short names at the CCS email system: Dr. Rod Rock: rdrock ; Steve Hyer: hyers ; Elizabeth Egan: eganee ; Barry Bomier: bomierb ; Joan Patterson: pattersonj ; Sue Boatman: boatmans ; and Rosalie Lieblang: lieblangrCheryl McGinnis' email address is at cpijobs dot com and her email short name address is Cheryl.McGinnis .

You can also copy and paste your opinion into a comment here in my blog if you wish also.  Your input can be anonymous here.

Since he has arrived in our district, without getting parent/public buy in (collaboration - his favorite buzz word, but least likely actual action), Dr. Rock has pushed through the following changes in the district:
  • Dr. Rock has implemented a modified teacher "developmental days" program.  It will now be two full days in August, three full days during the school year, and on two Wednesdays a month from October to May (15 days during the school year) teachers will arrive 10 - 15 minutes early and work for an hour.  Students will arrive 50 minutes late to school on those 15 days a year.  In the 2010/11 school year, there were three total developmental school days during the school year and they were scheduled to provide students/parents with three extended weekends.  That three full day schedule remains in the 2011/12 school year, but they add 15 late start days during the school year to inconvenience parents. 
  • While cutting kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade aides and laying off teachers and media center personnel, Dr. Rock has pushed the rubber stamp members of the board to approve a "permanent" addition of "Project Lead the Way" elective classes for 'pre-engineering" in the high school, even if the current funding for the classes is not renewed in the future, and even though there are superior classes available at the OTC (Oakland Technical Center) and all of the cost for the classes at OTC are borne by the Oakland Intermediate School District (completely free to CCS).
  • Dr. Rock has pushed the rubber stamp members of the board to approve school of choice for students to come into CCS if they are accepted into the "Project Lead the Way" curriculum.  The curriculum currently consists of three possible classes, but only requires one class over two semesters per year for two years (four credit hours over three years when 45 credit hours are normally taken). They require the students have passed 8th grade math and language arts, but this is for a 10th to 12th grade program...  The program had been presented on 5/9/11 as excluding any students that had been suspended in the previous two years, or had been convicted of a felony or expelled from another school.  However, the resolution in the board packet said, "The Superintendent or his designee shall have the discretion to refuse to enroll a nonresident applicant" even if the student had been suspended in the previous two years, or had been convicted of a felony, or had been expelled from another school.  That means the Superintendent (or his designee) can overrule those parameters...  It was addressed by me and certain board members in a board meeting that there were inconsistencies on the official board resolution vs. the publicly presented material and would the superintendent agree to remove from the resolution the superintendent's ability to accept out of district students into this program who had been suspended in the previous two years, had been convicted of a felony, or had been expelled by another school.  Dr. Rock refused to accept that change.  Obviously, it was not a mistake that there was contradictory information in regard to the publicly presented false information and what the reality was to be.  The rubber stamp members of the school board (Mr. Hyer, Mr. Bomier, Mrs. McGinnis, and Mrs. Egan) approved it that way, while being rejected by Mrs. Lieblang, Mrs. Patterson, and Mrs. Boatman fro several reasons.  In my opinion, Dr. Rock cannot be trusted.         
Dr. Rod Rock was quoted as saying in the Clarkston News' 5/18/11 edition, "Our local community, I argue, should be able to make decisions about what they want for their children.Collaboration is defined as 'working together to achieve a goal'.  Collaboration seems to be Dr. Rock's favorite word, yet he does not practice what he preaches.  If he is serious about that, then he should listen to the parents, residents, and taxpayers of the Clarkston Community Schools area (all 60 square miles worth of us - quoting Dr. Rock, "with first, middle, and last names").

Unfortunately, Dr. Rock also said, "I'm trained as a researcher, and I feel that I have the best perspective, along with our teachers, principals, and other administrators, to make informed decisions about what is best for our kids. We will base these decisions on research and data. I serve our teachers, community, and children. I will do all I can for them. I will not back down from my commitment to them, no matter how much pressure and press comes from those who oppose my perspective."    Do you see the contradiction of the two statements?  You can't have it both ways, Dr. Rock.  He also calls OUR CCS students, "my kids" and "our kids", but interestingly, he still has not moved his family to this district and "his kids" go to school in another district 50 miles from here...

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