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Monday, June 6, 2011

Results of my two surveys - drum roll please!

Well, my surveys were answered by only six people...  Although I would like to say the results represent the will of the people (since the majority answered the same way I feel), I can't actually say that the results represent the opinion of anything more than six people... 

Here were the results: 

Question 1:  See the article about developmental days and then answer. How do you feel about the 2011/12 teacher developmental days schedule?

I don't like it at all
  4 (66%)
I don't like it, but I can live with it
  0 (0%)
I don't care
  1 (16%)
I like it
  1 (16%)

Question 2:  Are you in support of School of Choice in Clarkston High School?

No                                                                                                                            3 (50%)
Yes, as long as quantities are limited                                                                           1 (16%)
Yes, unlimited                                                                                                            2 (33%)

As you can see, I received various answers, but they were fair, non leading questions - something the district did not do in their phone survey questions regarding the public's opinion of a new school bond and/or sinking fund.  You also cannot expect that a survey of just a few people can possibly represent the opinions of thousands. 

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