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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dr. Rod Rock's non Clarkston Schools work - violation of his CCS contract?

In addition to being the district superintendent, Dr. Rock is the president of the MSDC Learning Forward Michigan Executive Board.

The MSDC is the Michigan Staff Development Council, an affiliate of the National Staff Development Council, also known as  Learning Forward Michigan.  He was the president of that group before he became the superintendent in Clarkston and according to their website, he still is the president. 

Here are the MSDC (Learning Forward Michigan) requirements for Dr. Rock as President of the board of that organization:  


The Board of Learning Forward Michigan shall consist of the President, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and twelve (12) members- at- large.
All Board members are expected to:

  • be a member in good standing in Learning Forward Michigan and MSDC Learning Forward,
  • attend and participate in four (4) Board meetings annually,
  • actively support Learning Forward Michigan’s and Learning Forward’s mission statements and activities,
  • chair or serve on at least one standing committee each year,
  • study and/or research recommendations to establish appropriate policies and procedures for Learning Forward Michigan,
  • represent Learning Forward Michigan at the request of the President,
  • perform other duties as requested by the President,
  • contribute to the newsletter by writing articles and/or contacting contributors,
  • act in accordance with the norms of the Learning Forward Michigan Board, and
  • promote membership and Learning Forward Michigan services to members.
      "Section 3.02 - OFFICERS
      Learning Forward Michigan officers shall consist of a President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and the Immediate Past President. The officers shall be elected by current members of the Board by March 1. All officers shall hold their respective offices as indicated or until their successors are duly elected or qualified. To be eligible for an officer position, one must have been a member-at-large for at least one year and be in good standing as a Learning Forward Michigan and Learning Forward member. The officers shall perform the duties listed in accordance with Section 3.01 in addition to the specific duties assigned each officer."
      1. "President. The President shall:
      i. preside at an annual membership meeting,
      ii. preside at all Board meetings,
      iii. designate a presider in the event of the President-Elect’s absence,
      iv. appoint committees in accordance with Section 4.02,
      v. be a member of all committees by virtue of the office,
      vi. serve one (1) year as President, and
      vii. submit a contribution for each newsletter."
      However, on Dr. Rock's employment contract with Clarkston Community Schools that is dated October 6, 2010, but signed on September 28, 2010, says,
      "2. The Superintendent agrees that he shall not have tenure as Superintendent of Schools or any other administrative position to which he may hereafter be assigned or cover and he agrees that by virtue of this Agreement, he shall not be deemed to be granted continuing tenure in any administrative or assignment capacity."
      "4. The Superintendent warrants, represents and affirms to the School District: (c) that he will faithfully serve and be regardful of the interests of the School District during the term of this Agreement and will undertake no other employment, except during vacation periods, without the approval of the Board of Education."
      Here is info on the MSDC.  Here is another link to the board of directors of the MSDC. It shows Dr. Rock is not just the President of the MSDC Executive Board, but he is also on the Communications Committee.  He posts his CCS school email address as the email address to contact him in regard to MSDC business.  Therefore, if he receives emails via MSDC business, he receives it via his CCS email. Appropriate?  

      I believe that Dr. Rock's continued involvement with the MSDC/Learning Forward is a violation of his employment contract with Clarkston Schools.


      1. Yes, Dr. Rock is acting appropriately. What do non-tenure and non-outside employment provisions of an employment contract even remotely have to do with voluntary board service in a professional organization? I consider it a positive that we have an engaged superintendent who participates and exchanges ideas with others in the educational community. It reflects positively on our school district. You obviously have an ex to grind with him given the overall tenor of this blog and the other websites you choose to post to about him.

      2. Whether he is in violation of his contract or not I have serious concerns about the time he is spending outside his day to day administration duties on his voluntary service. Whether it is MSDC or his WE project I would expect it to be done on personal time. It would be helpful if he would come out and clarify this particular issue.

      3. Thank you for the research. This is definitely good information to be aware of.