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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My comments at the 5/23/11 CCS School Board Meeting

Strategic Planning Outline", Item 5.6

"In regard to the strategic plan, I believe that the district should be engaging the public for input on where they would like the district to be going.

The "Partnership Committee" has possible partnerships that include:
  • a recreation bond
  • an ice rink
  • a community center
  • opening an international school with students from other countries
  • opening an Arts and Sciences Academy
  • opening a Montessori School
  • universal preschool
  • opening CCS in other states and countries!
I imagine some people may be interested in some of these projects, but at what cost?

However, I believe that some of these projects might be beyond the legitimate scope of a K-12 school district.

I would like to see public buy-in to the district's strategic plan, especially the Partnership Committee.

I believe that if the district is looking to engage in a partnership, one of the best opportunities for a partnership would be between CCS and other local school districts or the ISD to keep from duplicating programs, being able to go into more depth in the programs that would be utilized in the schools, and keeping the student class counts high enough to have the classes.

I heard tonight that some of the board members checked into the engineering program at the Oakland Schools ISD OakTech program, but has anyone in administration looked into it?  Although I don't have intimate knowledge about the OakTech Engineering programs or the Project Lead the Way Engineering program, I understand that it does not cost the district anything at all to send our students to the ISD's program and does not cost us anything in the per pupil allotment.

I fear the approval of this strategic plan would be accepted by administration as a mandate to go ahead with these programs."

"Open Enrollment" (item 5.7)

"I think that the district should be asking the public how they feel about open enrollment before voting on
expanding ANY open enrollment programs.

I did not see what college credit the Project Lead the Way classes would earn on the CCS website or on the "Project Lead the Way Michigan" website. 

I still have concerns about the presentation for the Project Lead the Way Program on 5/9/11.  It said that the district would not accept school of choice students who had:
  • been suspended in the last two years
  • been convicted of a felony,
  • been expelled from another school.
However, the resolution for "School of Choice Option for the Project Lead the Way Career Pathway program" says, that the superintendent has the DISCRETION to refuse to enroll students that have:
  • been suspended in the last two years
  • been convicted of a felony,
  • been expelled from another school.
The district's phone survey back in early/mid-February did not include any questions on an open enrollment / school of choice program. 

I had concerns about the district combining the original vote on Project Lead the Way with the annual renewal of the Advanced Studies, IB, and CMS Tech school of choice programs.  This shows the district was being disingenuous."

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