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Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 23, 2011 board meeting - board approved School of Choice for an unapproved program...

I was at the 5/23/11 meeting.  It was one of the most frustrating school board meetings I have ever been at.

Mr. Hyer, Mr. Bomier, Mrs. Egan, and Mrs. McGinnis voted to implement school of choice for the "Project Lead the Way" program in Clarkston High School for the 2011/12 school year and the curriculum has still not been approved for the "Project Lead the Way" program for the 2011/12 school year!  How could the board approve the school of choice program for curriculum that has not yet been approved?  It's putting the cart before the horse.  I'm not sure that it's even legal.

Mrs. Lieblang, Mrs. Patterson, and Mrs. Boatman tried to bring some common sense and logic to the the rest of the board, but the "rubber stamp" board members would have nothing of it.

At the 5/23/11 board meeting the "rubber stamp" board members also approved the strategic plan that Dr. Rock put together.  If the Clarkston Community Schools residents were aware of all the things on the strategic plan, they might revolt...

In regard to the strategic plan, I believe that the district should have engaged the public for input on where they would like the district to be going.  Dr. Rock set up a phone survey in February and none of the ideas from the strategic plan or expanding school of choice was on the survey with the exception of trying to get the public's opinion of another bond and/or sinking fund to try to fund some of his grandiose plans...  The way the questions were worded, you would have to be anti-child and anti-public schools to answer negatively to the pet questions in regard to expanding new funding.  I can only imagine what Dr. Rock "thinks" he has the authority to do now that his "manifesto" has been approved by the board.

The strategic plan included: 

From the "Partnership Committee" part of the strategic plan - possible "partnerships" that include:

    * a recreation bond
    * an ice rink
    * a community center
    * opening an international school with students from other countries
    * opening an Arts and Sciences Academy
    * opening a Montessori School
    * universal preschool
    * opening CCS in other states and countries!

I imagine some people may be interested in some of these projects, but at what cost?  The district just cut aides in the kindergarten, 1st and second grade classrooms for next school year and they want to have universal preschool?  Get real.

However, I believe that some of these projects are well beyond the legitimate scope of a K-12 school district.

I would like to see public buy-in to the district's strategic plan, especially the "Partnership Committee".

Dr. Rock also calls OUR kids, "my kids", but interestingly, he still has not moved his family to this district and "his kids" go to school in another district 50 miles from here...

If Dr. Rock wants to be the 21st Century version of Horace Mann, he should leave Clarkston Community Schools and put his own money and his own children at risk and start his own school system and see what happens. He has no right to ruin our school system and put our kids at risk.  This is not "Dr. Rock's Social Experiment School System", it is the Clarkston Community School System.

Dr. Rock needs to go.  He talks collaboration, but he listens to no one and answers to no one.  The rubber stamp board members - Hyer, Bomier, Egan, and McGinnis also need to go.  These board members are not voting the will of the people.

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