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Monday, May 16, 2011

Dr. Rock's outside interests...

Dr. Rock has other obligations outside of the Clarkston school system.  His 9/27/10 approved employment contract said: "2. The Superintendent agrees that he shall not have tenure as Superintendent of Schools or any other administrative position to which he may hereafter be assigned or cover and he agrees that by virtue of this Agreement, he shall not be deemed to be granted continuing tenure in any administrative or assignment capacity." and "4. The Superintendent warrants, represents and affirms to the School District: (c) that he will faithfully serve and be regardful of the interests of the School District during the term of this Agreement and will undertake no other employment, except during vacation periods, without the approval of the Board of Education."

However, Dr. Rock is the president of the MSDC Executive Board. The MSDC is the Michigan Staff Development Council, an affiliate of the National Staff Development Council. "It is a statewide organization that provides leadership and support which enhance the personal and professional growth of Michigan educators and their organizations."  That national organization is now changing their name to "Learning Forward" and eventually MSDC will become Learning Forward Michigan". It appears to be a non-profit organization that gets $40/yr in membership dues per teacher who signs up to be a member. They provide professional development to the member teachers at a discount and they also post job openings for school related positions - teaching and administration.  The MSDC Mission Statement says: "The MSDC advocates for quality research-based professional development policies and practices to increase the capacity of those who work to improve student learning.

Here is info on the MSDC.  Here is another link to the board of directors of the MSDC. It shows Dr. Rock is not just the President of the MSDC Executive Board, but he is also on the Communications Committee.  He posts his CCS school email address as the email address to contact him in regard to MSDC business.  Therefore, if he receives emails via MSDC business, he receives it via his CCS email.  Appropriate?  Do you believe that he in a compromising position with teachers due to his position in this organization?

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